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Potassium Pyroantimonate

Potassium pyroantimonate (PPA) is an off-white powder.

Applications: water gel explosives manufacturing, oil well stimulant and cleaner, hydroseeding

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Antimony Pricing in the Second Quarter of 2009

Like nearly all commodities, the price of antimony fell substantially in the last quarter of 2008. Average antimony metal prices fell by 38%. Prices rebounded slightly over the first half of the first quarter as we headed into the Chinese New Year holiday. This is an annual uptick in pricing due to reduced availability of

A Brief History of Antimony in China

China is the largest producer of antimony. Current estimates put China’s antimony output at 84% of the world’s total. This number signifies a return to the global dominance that China enjoyed over 100 years ago. In 1908-1914, over 80% of the antimony for use was from China. During the years 1922-1931, it accounted for 73%.

Antimony pricing in economic crisis

Antimony bucks commodities tend in economic crisis. It has become clear that the world has entered an economic downturn that does not appear to leave any industry unscathed. Expect the antimony metal market, that is. Reduced demand in recent weeks for most commodity metals has caused a sharp downturn in price. Many metals are down