Amsperse Liquid Dispersions

Through the development of our Amsperse FR full package flame retardants, Amspec has become an expert in liquid dispersion technology. We have been able to apply the same manufacturing principles to make any type of high solid content liquid dispersion. Amspec maintains a database of nearly a hundred formulations of customer driven specialty dispersions. We have the necessary skills and equipment to disperse almost any material in any media.

One common material that is often dispersed is blowing agent for the manufacture of foamed plastics and gaskets. Amsperse LD-500 is a dispersion of azodicarbonamide in a variety of liquids. Amsperse LD-500 ESO uses epoxidized soybean oil so that all components are FDA approved and can be used in the production of the gaskets for food jars.

If you need a custom or specialty dispersion to improve your manufacturing processes please contact us at (302) 392-1702 so we can discuss your needs.