Amspec SP

Amspec SP is the highest purity antimony trioxide Amspec offers. Amspec SP is suitable for highly lead and/or arsenic sensitive applications.

Typical Chemical Composition
Minimum Total Sb2O3 (%)99.9
Minimum Total Sb+3 (%)83.9
Maximum Impurity Levels
Arsenic, As (ppm)20
Lead, Pb (ppm)20
Selenium, Se (ppm)10
Bismuth, Bi (ppm)30
Iron, Fe (ppm)15
Typical Physical Properties
Specific Gravity5.2 – 5.7
Average particle size (μ)2.0 – 5.0
Minimum L value90.0
Minimum a value-1.5
Minimum b value4.0
325 Mesh (%)0.1

For any handling and storage questions please see the Amspec Material Safety Datasheet for this product.