Amspec Select

Amspec Select is a higher purity grade of antimony trioxide compared to Amspec KR antimony trioxide. Amspec Select can be used in flame retardant applications where lead levels are of concern, like in Europe to meet the requirements of the RoHS Directive. The Select grade is also used as a catalyst in PET production.

Typical Chemical Composition
Minimum Total Sb2O3 (%) 99.8
Minimum Total Sb+3 (%) 83.8
Maximum Impurity Levels
Arsenic, As (ppm) 350
Lead, Pb (ppm) 425
Selenium, Se (ppm) 10
Bismuth, Bi (ppm) 30
Iron, Fe (ppm) 40
Copper, Cu (ppm) 30
Tin, Sn (ppm) 20
Sodium, Na (ppm) 100
Nickel, Ni (ppm) 30
Typical Physical Properties
Specific Gravity 5.2 – 5.7
Average particle size (μ) 0.2 – 2.0
Minimum L value 90.0
Minimum a value -1.5
Minimum b value 4.0
325 Mesh (%) 0.1
Minimum ethylene glycol light transmittance (%) 93

For any handling and storage questions please see the Amspec Material Safety Datasheet for this product.