Amsperse FR

The efficiency of halogenated compounds as flame retardants is greatly increased by the addition of a synergist like antimony trioxide. Amspec offers a line of full package flame retardants, Amsperse FR, that already have these materials mixed in appropriate proportions. Amsperse FR products offer a non-dusting flame retardant system that is ready to be pumped into your process. Line hygiene can be greatly improved by the elimination of powder additions. In addition to hygiene improvements, this line of products allows our customers to purchase one raw material rather than several which simplifies their production and purchasing processes.

To the left you will see three of the most popular formulations that Amspec has available. FR-21 flame retardant and FR-51 flame retardant are aqueous dispersions using decabromodiphenyl oxide and FR-7023BT flame retardant is an aqueous dispersion using ethylene-bis-tetrabromophthalimide. While our most popular dispersions are aqueous, we can disperse the halogenated product of your choice with antimony trioxide in any liquid that would be appropriate for your process. For more information on custom Amsperse FR products please call (302) 392-1702.