Zinc Acetylacetonate

zince acac is a white or off-white powderAmspec GCR-65 zinc acetylacetonate is a white to ivory crystalline powder. GCR-65 can be used as a crosslinking agent as well as a catalyst for organic synthesis.

NOTE: This material is hygroscopic and can absorb moisture from the air. As a result GCR-65 can become sticky over time which will impact the free flowing nature of this product.

Typical Chemical Composition
Zinc Content (%)24.5 – 25.1
Maximum Impurity Levels
Water, H2O (%)0.80
Typical Physical Properties
Apparent Bulk Density (lbs/gal)5.83
Melting point (°C)124 – 126

For any handling and storage questions please see the Amspec Material Safety Datasheet for this product.