Additives for Explosives

Amspec has been a leader in the production of antimony oxide derivatives for decades. One of the product lines that Amspec has developed is water gel crosslinkers for explosives and energetic slurry systems. A typical water gel explosive consists of a water solution of nitrates blended with guar gum and a crosslinker and then mixed with solid oxidizers and packaged with a fuel source. Potassium Pyroantimonate or SBP-170 is the best choice for the crosslinker of packaged water gel or slurries systems explosives. The crosslinker must delay gelation so that solids can be easily dispersed and the slurry can be packed but then rapidly and completely gel after packing. The crosslinker must also be easily dispersed into the system. The choice of crosslinker can affect many properties of the explosive. Using an antimony based crosslinker has been proven to improve stability and consistency of the explosive slurry, thermo chemical energy efficiency, safety degree in high velocity impact tests, velocity of detonation, and water resistance.

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