Amspec SBP-170

Amspec SBP-170 is a white to yellow clear liquidAmspec SBP-170 is a white to yellow clear liquid crosslinker. Crosslinkers are used in many industries including the manufacturing of water gel explosives, oil well stimulants and cleaners and hydroseeding. SBP-170 is an excellent alternative to PPA because the crosslinker is a pourable liquid. SBP-170 is also completely miscible in water which saves the user from having to dissolve the crosslinker.

Typical Chemical Composition
Total Antimony, Sb Content (%)16.7 – 17.1
Total Free K+ Content (%)5.6 – 6.0
Typical Physical Properties
Density @ 25° C (g/mL)1.33 – 1.37
Density @ 25° C (lb/gal)11.1 – 11.4
pH9.45 – 9.75
Stable pH Range> 8.5
Freezing Point (°C)< -34
Viscosity, Brookfield #2 spindle (cPs)22
Potassium Pyroantimonate Equivalency (%)32.5 – 33.3
Water SolubilityMiscible
Shelf Life (years)5

For any handling and storage questions please see the Amspec Material Safety Datasheet for this product.